Low Impact, Full Body Workouts

Swimming is one of the most complete and effective forms of exercise available. It works every part of the body, improving both the cardiovascular and muscular systems. Unlike other activities like walking or running, which put a lot of strain on your joints and muscles, swimming is low-impact making it ideal for those with existing injuries or those who have trouble moving around.

Low-impact water exercises utilize the natural resistance of water that is gentle on the joints. Additional workouts can include low-impact aerobic workouts, such as yoga or low-intensity cycling, or basic stretching and toning routines.

Whether you’re a triathlete looking for help with your training, a recreational swimmer who wants to improve your technique, or someone who is recovering from an injury and needs to do low-impact rehab exercises, our customized pool-based programs can be the perfect place to meet your training needs.

The Basics

A comprehensive program  perfect for beginner swimmers who want to learn the fundamentals of swimming in a safe and easy-to-follow manner.

Recreational & US Masters Swimmers

This program includes a 12-week swim training plan, broken down into manageable workouts that you can fit into your busy schedule.

Low Impact Rehab

 A program designed for those suffering from medical conditions such as arthritis, osteoarthritis, sprains, strains, and orthopedic injuries.

Lap Swimming Recommended Equipment

We recommend products like alignment, kkckboards, fins, hand paddles, goggles, pool noodles, and pull buoys. 

Each product is a tool that can be used with sprint, endurance, and technique drills to further enhance your workouts.

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Cross Training &
Dry Land

Dry land exercises help to strengthen the muscles used in swimming, making you faster and more powerful in the water.

We offer a variety of exercises & workouts that are specifically designed for the muscles used in all four swimming strokes

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A list of swimming terms, and definitions.  Frequently used in workouts, and exercises within our training programs.

It would be good to familiarize yourself with them prior to your first swim workout.

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